Ms. Vampire Halloween Masquerade Enamel Pin

Ms. Vampire Glow in the Dark Halloween Masquerade Enamel Pin

Get your creep on with the Ms. Vampire Halloween Masquerade enamel pin, designed exclusively by PinkOwlet! These designs are based on the creepy. old plastic Halloween masks of yesteryear's Halloween costumes.


Ms. Vampire has glow in the dark enamel fills that glow super bright in the dark. Watch it or you might get creeped out by them at night with their creepy smiles!

{ D E T A I L S }
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❤ Halloween Masquerade enamel pins feature gunmetal plating, hard enamel color, with glow-in-the-dark!

❤ Size 1" Wide x 1.5" Tall.

❤ Each pin comes with single soft rubber clutch back.

Ms. Vampire Halloween Masquerade Enamel Pin