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Here is a collection of the prints available on any custom product we carry, They are all also available as fabric in my spoonflower online shop.

Cath Themed Patterns

For information about licensing please message me through the contact page.

Art Deco Cats
Pirate Cats in Purple
Pirate Cats in Brown
Pirate Cats in Green
Coffee Cats in Latte
Coffee Cats in Strawberry
Coffee Cats in Mint
Modernist Cats and Plants Blue
Modernist Cats and Plants White
Modernist Cats and Plants Orange
Modernist Cats and Plants Brown
Christmas Cats
Witchy Cats
Magical Cats in Purple
Magical Cats in Pink
Magical Cats in Green
Magical Cats in Grey
Memphis Cats in White
Memphis Cats in Black
Memphis Cats in Pink
Memphis Cats in Blue
Meow Haus in Brown
Meow Haus in Biege
Strawpurry in Red
Strawpurry in Green
Aavogato in Green
Avogato Scatter
Avogato in Pink
Kitty Pops
Terrarium Cats
Moonlight Cats in Purple
Moonlight Cats in Teal
Moonlight Cats in Blue
Cactus Cats
Modernist Cats in Grey
Modernist Cats in Teal
Modernist Cats in Orange
Space Cats in Black
Space Cats in Navy
Lots of Cats in Purple
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Pupper Campers in Grey
Pupper Campers in Pink
Pupper Campers in Blue
80's Cheetahs
Animal Cookies in Blue
Animal Cookies in Pink
Animal Cookies in White
Cactus Owls
Autumn Owls
Llamas in Watercolor Purple
Llama Dance
Magical Owls in Pink
Magical Owls in Blue
Magical Owls in Purple
Pet Portraits
Owltastic in Black
Owltasic in Blue
Forest Foxes in Teal
Apple Bandits
Wiener Dogs in Teal
Wiener Dogs in Cream
Corgis in Pink
Corgis in Teal
Prancing Ponycorns in Teal
Prancing Ponycorns in Purple
Prancing Ponycorns in Peach
Charming Cephalopods
Octopus Cameos in Black
Winter Snowdomes in Teal
Winter Snowdomes in Red
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Tiki Oasis
Tiki Drink Girls in Hot Pink
Tiki Drink Girls in Brown
Tiki Drink Girls in Teal
Rockabilly Mermaids White
Rockabilly Mermaids Black
Rockabilly Mermaids Blue
Modernist Moths in Gold
Modernist Moths in Turquoise
Modernist Moths in Amethyst
Modernist Moths in Peridot
Modernist Moths in Emerald
Pop Art Beetles White
Pop Art Beetles Black
Spell Books and Witch Hats
Mystic Eyes in Teal
Japanese Umbrellas in Autumn
Japanese Umbrellas in Spring
Japanese Umbrellas in Winter
National Parks Snowdomes in Teal
National Parks Snowdomes in Green
Cactus Garden in Pink
Cactus Garden in Yellow
Cactus Garden in Teal
Pens Pens Pens
What's in My Bag
Fitness Water Bottles
Socks are in the Air in Teal
Socks are in the Air in Red
Socks are in the Air in Purple
Pop Creams
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Mystical Cats in Black
Masquerade in Black
Masquerade in Purple
Masquerade in Orange
Masquerade in Green
Cats and Bats in Black
Cats and Bats in
Halloween Spiders
Monster Party in Orange
Monster Party in Green
Monster Party in Black
Treat Time Orange
Treat Time Black
Creature of the Night in Black
Creature of the Night in Orange
Creature of the Night in Green
Creepy Creature Cameos in Purple
Creepy Creature Cameos in Black
Creepy Creature Cameos in Green
Vintage Horror Masks in Orange
Vintage Horror Masks in Black
Vintage Horror Masks in Purple
Vintage Horror Masks in Green
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Halloween Patterns
Conversational Themed Patterns
Animal Themed Patterns

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Prancing Ponycorns in Purple