Special Custom Order!

Get your favorite pattern in your favorite style.

Our products sell out at our shows all the time!
Here is where you can get your favorite item in your favorite pattern!

Please fill out this handy little form to place a request for any specific Pink Owlet product in any of our prints. I will email you a pic to confirm your order. You will receive your custom item in two to four weeks as each item is individually digitally printed and sewn to order. Payments will be made through Paypal. I will send you an invoice and then ship it out to you direct.

In the form area please be sure to include the product's name and pattern style:

1. The item you want (skater dress, etc.).

2. The size you would like.

(I have the following sizes: X-Small / Small / Medium / Large /

X-Large (+ $2.00) / 2X-Large (+ $4.00) / 3X-Large (+ $6.00)

3. The pattern you like (Lots of Cats, Space Cats, etc.).


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